Playback Singer | Vocalist
Gifted with a melodious and earnest voice, Susmita Das embodies the soul of Oriya music in her singing. Her songs have a way of talking straight to the heart.


The melodious journey of a magical voice that captivates the hearts of millions.

Her versatility pans through folk, religious, contemporary, and classical music. She currently resides in Bhubaneswar, India, but gains her roots from Cuttack, Orissa where she studied at the Shailabala Women’s College.

Susmita Das is a popular name in India, particularly in Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Dehradun, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Jharkahnd. She has more than a 500 live performances and several thousands of fans following her in this part of India. Her mission has been to attract young and serious listeners to meaningful music based on high quality lyrics. Her forte has been soulful music with meaningful lyrics, which seeks to revive interest of listeners and audiences to quality based writings in musical compositions – a marked feature of the yesteryears.

She is a regular artistwith All India Radio, Doordarshan and many other private television and radio (including FM) channels; and often as a presenter or judge for musical programs. She is one of the best known voices of eastern and central India and has been recognized in various regional, national, and international forums. Susmita has been able to provide a completely new dimension to Indian music. She has been a pioneer in presenting classic literary creations as songs. Constantly striving to promote music with meaningful and soul stirring lyrics she has been the heartthrob of meaningful music-lovers world over. Whether it is recreating the aura of yesteryears through reinventing classics or the recapitulation of popular numbers that have faded over the years Susmita’s initiatives are painstakingly thought over and carefully rolled out. Susmita’s range includes light musicals, semi-classical, devotional, folk, traditional, and even mystic and mesmeric.

So far, she has cut 20 original music albums in Odia and Hindi.

In 2007, Susmitashot into prominence after she performed at the Odisha Society of Americas (OSA) Convention held in Detroit, USA where she released her first album “Maya Darpan”. These are some of her popular creations.


  • 'Maya Darpan’ is based on the sensuous poems written by Dr. MayadharMansingh, the uncrowned prince of Odia love Poems. This album was released in the convention of Orissa Society of Americas in Detroit in 2007.
  • ‘HatiSaja Kara’ is a collection of 16 modern poems written by Sri DevdasChhotray, arguably the best odia poet of current generation.
  • ‘NuaLuhaPurunaLuha- An alchemy of tears’ is an experiment with composing ghazals in Odia. The ghazals have been written by Sri DevdasChhotray.
  • ‘Raag-Bairag’ is a bouquet of 16 Hindi devotional songs based on the creations of Meera Bai and Kabir. For this endeavor she was felicitated in the Kumbha Mela in Haridwar in 2010.